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Once, taking a good shot was simply a matter of luck.  Sometimes I found myself in a spectacular location, with wonderful light, but I knew nothing about photography, and the camera just operated itself.  Despite that, I liked some of the photos.  In 2017, I decided to get a professional camera and dedicate myself to photography, which quickly became my passion.

I enjoy venturing out early, anticipating the highly emotional moment in which the first light of day defeats the darkness. 

I love working on a shot, finding new angles, and multiple compositions. These often seem invisible at the beginning, but gradually emerge as the subject reveals itself.  

I delight in editing my photos, allowing my memory and sensibility to drive my hand.  

I enjoy returning repeatedly to the same location: pushing my limits as a photographer, I know I will see something anew and take better photos every time.  

I am in love with the beauty of this world, which always calls forth strong emotions in me, and I want to celebrate that with my photos.

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